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Two IT-man believed it had to be possible to always be online. Not by partnering up with a big provider, but by connecting to a personal one. No interruptions, just reliable internet. CrowdXS was founded. We create a reliable connection in cooperation with trustworthy partners. You are our priority. This means personal contact and a customized solution. All this is done from our offices in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

CrowdXS – the network engineers

CrowdXS offers reliable WIFI and fiber connections for businesses. We understand that every organization is different. That is why we are flexible, and every network is designed to meet your requirements. Through the many options, the network adjusts easily to what you need at every moment. Think about a 5G experience, 100 percent uptime and a speed up to 10Gbit. And that is just the beginning…

You want to focus on your priorities. Whether this is company growth or excellent customer service… CrowdXS gives the service you deserve, an always on guarantee. That is why we are 24/7 accessible. Did your usage change and want to adjust some options? Does something work incorrectly? Or do you have another question? Our experts are always available for you. Your focus is your business, our focus is your internet connection.

We have a fitting connection for every organization. No challenge is too big for us. From lobbies to cinemas, our network options are unlimited. We have the perfect solution for organization wide WIFI or fiber connection, whether you operate internationally or national. CrowdXS has years of experience in arranging WIFI and fiber. That is why we can handle every problem. Your options are unlimited with the perception of “client is king”.

What to expect from us

  • The best service, we are always accessible for you
  • A stable network, you will not have to worry about that anymore
  • A sustainable relationship, so you know who you are dealing with
  • Focus on improvement and development

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