Nowadays, a high-speed internet connection is a must. However, speed is not the only criterium. Do you have a few or many demands? The solution is business fiber through CrowdXS.

Do you want business fiber? Check fiber availability in your area.

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That is why you need business fiber

Fiber internet is the connection of the future. With fiber you are able to exchange data safe and super-fast. You have unlimited possibilities through the wide range. Which results in a down and upload symmetry. This symmetry is extremely convenient while working in the cloud, because you upload files as fast as you download them. Besides, uploading large files in the cloud is no problem. The wide range creates a high-speed internet connection. This goes gradually from 10Mbit up to 10Gbit. The best thing is, business fiber is also available outside The Netherlands. American and Spanish companies already enjoy our fiber service as well.

CrowdXS promises you

  • Up to 10Gbit for up and download, always a high-speed internet
  • Security integration to offer your connection high level security
  • International cover, fiber for your international colleagues as well
  • 100% uptime, so always on
  • 24/7 support, we are there to help you out
  • Azure and AWS cloud integration, the benefit of using the cloud
  • Personal care, from beginning till the end

CrowdXS has provided a suitable always on fiber optic solution. This means that the hotels are connected to each other.

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How to proceed?

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