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More than 100 companies rely on our network daily. We are proud of that! Every challenge requires a customized plan, whether it is about WIFI or fiber. Find out more how our solutions turned out for our customers.

Sir Hotels

Always on fiber

Sir Hotels is an exclusive hotel chain. They own hotels in prime locations in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona and Ibiza. It is all about the experience for Sir Hotels. They create a unique environment by meeting every requirement.

The best internet connection completes the unique experience. This is important for guests as well as for their employees. CrowdXS offered a customized always on fiber solution. Through this, the hotels are connected with each other and the rest of the world. At the same time, guests can enjoy all the luxury Sir Hotel has to offer.


Always online with fiber and WiFi

Pathé is the market leader in the Dutch, French and Swedish cinema world. The movie theater focusses on the experience of consumers. They strive only for the best. So, Pathé needed the best internet connection possible with a wide range.

The partnership with CrowdXS gives Pathé a lot of freedom. They are able to adjust the range as they wish. Live events are easily streamed to all the Pathé theaters. Besides, all connections are monitored 24/7 from a distance. So, employees of Pathé do not have to worry about the network. This contributes to the creation of the optimal Pathé experience.

Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel

Wireless connection and worldwide WiFi

A popular hotel for all kinds of stopovers in Amsterdam. Since they have an excellent reputation, they do not want just an internet connection. They require only the best. That is why Sheraton was looking for a multi-carrier network. A network to acquire fast and reliable WIFI throughout their entire hotel.

CrowdXS realized a 100% uptime fiber connection at the hotel. Due to this, everyone at Sheraton Airport Hotel is always connected. A solution was created for the strongly changing demand for range. Besides, we made it possible to offer high-speed WIFI, to all guests and visitors of events.

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