Managed WiFi

Poor internet is no option for todays companies. This is history due to the WIFI connection of CrowdXS. Rural locations such as hotels and cinemas will be connected through CrowdXS. That is our priority.

Managed WIFI through CrowdXS means:

  • 5G speed
  • Reliable internet provider
  • International solutions
  • The best multicell WIFI

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Business fiber

To guarantee your business, it is important to be online at any time. Always on and high-speed internet is the basis for a successful organization. CrowdXS offers fiber connections in the Netherlands and abroad. All to make sure your company gets most out of the internet.

Business fiber through CrowdXS means:

  • 100% uptime through SDWAN-technologie
  • Azure and AWS cloud integration
  • International solutions
  • Security integration

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